weekendimage August 29

What to Watch This Weekend

At the Movies In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the all-time classic, GHOSTBUSTERS is being re-released in 700 theaters across the country this weekend. For the younger generation this is a chance to see the movie on the big screen as it was meant to be seen. While for the older generation, it’s a […]

Twitch-logo August 29

The Top 5 Most Viewed Twitch Channels

With the recent news that Amazon is purchasing Twitch for a mere $1 billion, the New York Times released a study that showed that the online streaming site, which shows feeds of gamers playing different games, averages more viewers than some cable networks. That includes during primetime.  You can view the whole chart from the […]

pumpkin August 27

There’s Nothing Like a Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Join writer/performer Clay McLeod Chapman (Hostage Song with Kyle Jarrow; SCKBSTD with Bruce Hornsby), performers Hanna Cheek (Mac Rogers’ Sovereign with Gideon Productions; GOODBAR with Waterwell; named one of Time Out NY’s ‘Future Legends of NYC Theatre’ in 2013), Abe Goldfarb (I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway), Brian Silliman (2014 NYIT Award Nominee for Outstanding Lead Actor in Dark Water with MTWorks; Kill Shakespeare with Gideon Productions), andKatie Hartman (Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting) with […]

hunger_games_mocking_jay_a_p August 27


Here we go!  Jennifer Lawrence was last seen in the trailer arriving in the District 13 rebel stronghold  Now, Lionsgate has revealed a look at the warriors who will be helping the Mockingjay fight the revolution against the Capitol in THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1.   A small batch of new posters have arrived […]

emmy August 27

Emmys Break Bad In More Ways Than One

  Suffice it to say BREAKING BAD had a big night at the 66th annual Emmy Awards, held Monday night at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The AMC drama series took home five Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series. And while the show, executive produced by Vince Gilligan, absolutely deserved its accolades (it was seriously […]

True-Blood-Logo August 25

TRUE BLOOD Postmortem

We’ve had 24 hours to digest it and held off making a snap post right after the show.  But now that we’ve had a full day to think about it and have read through the reactions of everyone, fans and critics alike, we’re ready to give our TRUE BLOOD postmortem.  MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW.  STOP READING […]

weekendimage August 22

What to Watch This Weekend

At the Movies The long anticipated sequel to Robert Rodriguez’ 2005 SIN CITY is released today.    Early reviews are mixed, but don’t let that stop you from seeing Eva Green in a nightie.  And the movie too. On Television THE SIMPSONS marathon known as EVERY. SIMPSONS. EVER. continues on FXX this weekend.  If you […]

simpsons-family August 21

3 Ways America Has Grown Up With The Simpsons

The FXX Network has launched their EVERY. SIMPSON. EVER. marathon today as a tribute to the longest running show in US history appearing on the channel this fall.  The marathon started this morning at 10:30AM EST and will last until Labor Day.  All of the Treehouse of Horrors episodes will be included as well as […]

cowley August 19

3 Female Playwrights You Should Definitely Keep an Eye On

As film and television continue to go through a lot of cultural change as more and more people are wanting to see more diversity both in front of and behind the camera, the world of theater continues to be ahead of the curve. The stage has always been the place to go to see creativity […]

sw-logo_featured__span August 15

Han Solo Revealed!

Today we get a first look at what COULD be what Han Solo will look like in Episode VII, courtesy of Indie Revolver.  And the first thing that comes to mind is, “C’mon Han ol’ buddy, don’t let me down!”  Well, that and “DAMN GOOD TO SEE YOU, BOY!”  for some reason.  I guess Ben […]


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